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About Us

AssertionIT is an information technology company, providing customized software´s and web based applications. We are a team of dedicated and highly skilled software professionals focused on providing world class IT solutions. We offer a variety of services in the area of Software and Web development.

We believe in going with you hand in hand and step by step from conceptualization to content development and functionality issues. At every step we focus on your goals, and how best to materialize them through utilization of technology, website design and marketing. We strive for optimized results within budgets, pursuing artistic and creative excellence in everything we do.

With a team of creators who have worked in sntpl skills with different platforms, we have the necessary skills, know-how and enthusiasm for both web based and desktop creatives.

We believe in providing the latest and best of the technology to our clients. Our experts are highly experienced and sntpl enough to provide the best of the class solutions for any kind of business running at optimum performance levels and offer extensions to the functionality of your new edge business solution.

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