• Project: Environment Saver
  • Categories : ASP.NET
  • Status : Completed

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Environment Saver

It is a platform that instigates individual to perform simple tasks that would add value to not just their lives but to people around them as well.It is an opportunity to come out of the virtual world and get back to our real lives.

In simple words, it is the Game of Life.

This entire concept is based on integrity, so once you say you have completed a task, we'll take it on face value. However, you would have options to share your stories with other users through personalized messages, images or short videos on the app itself.

Key Features

  • Register/Login with Mobile Number and Get OTP verified for secure access to the content
  • Get the list of general tasks which will get you near to the environment and social responsibilities.
  • Complete the task and get rewared for each task
  • Upload the task picture or video as option to showcase your achievement to others to inpire others to be more socially responsible.
  • Share your stories, comments, thoughts on the system for others to react over those


Key Benefits

  • Make yourself more responsible toward social activities
  • Make yourself aware with Environment damage and try to prevent that damage or overcome those damages by simple tasks.
  • Showcase your tasks to inspire others
  • Get Rewared for responsibilities you have taken.


Technologies Used:

  • Back-End: ASP.NET MVC, C#
  • Web API: ASP.NET Web API
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Platform: Mobile Application, Flutter