• Project: CMS Portal
  • Categories : ASP.NET
  • Status : Completed

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CMS Portal

It  is a venture in the ‘Instant Drink Powders’ segment located in Gandhinagar; the capital of Gujarat State. With increasing shift in lifestyles a corresponding awareness of health is emerging amongst consumers. People are increasingly becoming conscious of their dietary care and by matching the new pace to their lives with improved nutritional and dietary habits.

This new awareness has seen consumers seeking foods that complement their lifestyles while offering convenience, variety and economy, over and above health and nutrition. To supplement the dietary need Vitaz Instant Drink Powder has been launched. The company is confident of providing a product that is not only liked for its taste but also for its nutritional content supplemented with essential vitamins fortification.

The company has Professionals involved engaged into R & D of food products for more than two decades who lay special emphasis on Research & Development for development of new products and making improvement in its existing products.


Key Features

  • Multiple User Role Management with privledge based access
  • Complete Dynamic Page generation
  • Multiple Level Category and Product Mapping
  • Complete History of the Pages


Key Benefits

  • Easy to access CMS Portal
  • Complete preview of the page over CMS Portal
  • Easy Management for each Pages
  • Multiple User and Role Assignment


Technologies Used:

  • Back-End: ASP.NET MVC
  • Front-End: HTML5, Jquery, Bootstrap, Ajax
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Platform: Web Application